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Seaforest, the intelligent forest protection system is developed by Seacon Europe. The solution uses wireless sensor network and central monitoring background software to protect the values where it is difficult to preserve. Our solution is able to detect vehicles which are suitable for transport. Wireless sensors have to be installed along the road where the trucks or other vehicles are driving. Sensors remark the moving of the vehicles and send a message - via mobile internet - to the centre, where the messages are stored. You can check those on a user interface on your PC, notebook or mobile. We send e-mail or SMS about alarms.

Wireless sensors

The vehicle detecting takes place by sensors what detects magnetic field changes.

{modal images/termek_kepek/seaforest_teruletvedelmi_szenzor_2d.png}SeaForest területvédelmi rendszer - autó áthaladást érzékelő szenzor{/modal}
{modal images/termek_kepek/seaforest_teruletvedelmi_szenzor_2d_belulrol.png}SeaForest területvédelmi rendszer - autó áthaladást érzékelő szenzor{/modal}

Devices send messages to the centre about the following:

  • turning on and turning off
  • working condition monitoring (heartbeat)
  • vehicle pass by the road
  • critical battery life
Outer cover: waterproof plastic box.
Size: 110 mm X 80mm X 55mm.
Range: Max 3m from vehicles.
Power source: 2 pcs lithium battery (18650-ion/3,7V), chargeable (the package includes the charger).
Data communication: GSM coverage is necessary, SIM card is included.
Alternative power source: 12V external battery.


Sensors have to placed out maximum 3 meters from the road (from detecting point) in an unshieded place point of view the mobile communication.

Devices can  works independently from each other, so the distance from each other is depending on the given observed place. The devices’ place won’t be too conspicuous, but because of the battery changes won’t hide overly.

Please don’t bury, because the communication won’t be working! Pay attention, that don’t exposed to strong physical effect (eg. don’t placed out in the way of vehicles), but it resistant to average weather conditions.

Monitoring software background

The central background software allows to remote management of the observed place.


{modal images/termek_kepek/AlarmList.png}{/modal}
{modal images/termek_kepek/AlarmChart.png}{/modal}


The messages which are sent via mobile communication are processed and stored by the central infrastructure, that able to:

  • modify the device settings
  • show the sent device’s status information
  • collect the detected drive throught incidences

Data are appears in a table or graph, these can be filtered by time and place, but can write notes to the important cases. It is possible to record the unusual events manually as well.

The Seaforest forest- and area protection system can be able to send message:

  • When vehicle pass by the road, send an immediately alarm
  • When unusual traffic detected
  • When battery running low
  • When devices don’t send data

In tables we use the follow signs:

  device is turning on

  device detects a vehicle moving

  device is working well (heartbeat)

  sending is missing out

  repeated sending because of unsuccessful send

  repeat number

  classification of sign recording



Clients get an individual user name and a password after that takeover devices to access to the SeaForest central monitoring solution. This is how we ensure, that after the log in, our every client can see only the own data derived from device’s and only can deal with the own events.